The U.S. is a "nation of immigrants"

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    Yes, it is true that the United States is a nation made up of immigrants; however to say it is so doesn't even begin to explain

    or convey why the United States was formed by the "founding fathers" in 1776; nor does it even begin to offer any meaning

    or explanation as to what goes into the making the U.S. of A.; how it is maintained as to principles and intent of the founding fathers; nor does it offer any indication as to who (or specifically the "type" of people) who contributed to the continuance of

    this country - past, present, and future.

    Let's take this in a categorical progression of the facts:

    (1) When the United States became to be known as the "United States of America", it was primarily settled by people from Europe and England.

    (2) There was practically no "development" with regard to those things commonly associated with what is referred to as

    sustainable living or "progress". In addition, most of the people living in the land which came to be known as the U.S.A.

    were a "handful" - so to speak - of people from France and Spain.

    The most notable "population totals" however, consisted of people whom made up the many

    Indian Tribes which had been living in "America" for many, many years previous to 1776.

    (3) Thus those immigrants who came to the newly formed land, i.e., the United States of America, had to "build up" and

    "create" a country from "scratch". More importantly to remember is, they did NOT come to the United States of America

    to see what they could "extract" or benefit from "taking" what was already available!

    Instead, they "gave" and "contributed" - in the strongest possible descriptive manner - to what basically was a land without any "creature comforts".

    (4) The above paragraph - and especially the last sentence - is a "condition" and reality which is in

    stark contrast to what is taking place in the United States of America today with regard to those

    immigrants currently coming into the United States!

    Additionally, it should be borne in the mind of the Forum Visitor or Member here, that the "quality" of the immigrants currently coming into the United States (as well as the reason for them coming to the United States)

    has changed drastically from those immigrants who created, built, and improved upon a country which had yet to be formed; and somewhat later in time - a country which was in every descriptive manner, improved upon with regards

    to such things as:

    Standard of living, creature comforts, laws, transportation ...... actually a "list" which is nearly endless!

    Instead, many immigrants currently coming into the United States of America

    do not ask themselves:

    "What can I do to improve upon the country of which I am coming to?"

    Instead they enter the United States with the thought of:

    "What can I get, take, or use from the United States?"

    Yes, the United States is still a country of immigrants; but sadly the majority of immigrants are selfish in their motives;

    and even more importantly, unwilling to "contribute", "preserve", and "improve upon" this country.

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    Right on! I agree with at least 99% of what you said! ;)

    Thanks for your comment!

    It is encouraging to know there are some young individuals in the United States who can still independently think and form opinions!

    Stay strong "TexasKid"! We need people like you more than ever! ;)

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