Train Derailment and the EPA

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    Whenever there is a major incident in the United States - like the train derailment carrying toxic waste materials in East Palestine, Ohio -

    the EPA is always quick to "jump in" issuing a statement like this one:

    " 'It is safe to return to your homes' "!

    Watching the videos on news media stations regarding the train derailment which left many tank cars spewed over a wide area, together with rising plumes of thick, dark smoke, the Admin of this forum could not in any way imagine this disaster would not result in putting deadly toxins in the air, water, and into the ground!

    Anyone who thought that such a toxic spill of this type and magnitude would not contaminate the area's ground water, streams nearby, and the air, is either a fool or brainwashed by the "authorities".

    Reports coming in that nearby residents of this city in Ohio are developing adverse reactions to the toxic spill,

    and that even their pets are dying - as well as fish dying in nearby streams - can be assumed as true when one considers

    this incident from a logical and common sense approach.

    However the news media "giants" (and that includes "morning shows" on CBS and other networks), have been reluctant at best

    not only to report this, but are also guilty of planting subliminal thoughts into viewers of such news reports by issuing

    carefully worded statements, which in effect seem to imply that anyone believing such non-sense is a spreader of

    "misinformation" at the very least.

    The Admin

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    Since the above post was uploaded there have been at least 5 additional "train derailments"

    in the United States - most of them involving Norfolk Southern Railway.

    However the latest derailment occurred in the state of Washington 2 days ago which involved a locomotive turning over,

    spilling oil near water. Residents feared the spill would contaminate the water. However they were assured by the "authorities"

    that everything was okay - no wildlife were endangered at any time! Right!

    Just a short time before the above incident occurred, there was a freight train derailment in Arizona.

    The train consist was carrying corn syrup!

    Yep! You read that correctly!

  • Recently, there was a tragic train derailment in the United States. The incident occurred in Arizona and took the lives of three people. However, what is even more concerning is the environmental impact that this derailment will have on the surrounding area.

    The train that derailed was carrying hazardous materials, including hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported that these substances have spilled and are now affecting the local environment. The EPA has issued a warning to nearby residents to stay indoors and avoid contact with the contaminated area.

    This is just one example of the importance of the EPA's work in protecting our environment. The agency has a critical role in regulating hazardous materials and responding to environmental disasters like this one.

    As citizens of this world, it is our responsibility to advocate for strong environmental protections and hold companies accountable for their actions. We should demand that corporations prioritize safety and environmental responsibility over profit.

    Let us honor the lives lost in this tragedy by speaking out for a safer and healthier planet. Together, we can create a world where tragedies like this become a thing of the past.

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