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    I stand in total disagreement with you!

    We need strict gun controls to protect students, children ...............and yes, even people like you .......although I don't why :rolleyes:

    It is this "love for guns" that has brought us to an average of one shooting every day in our schools - and multiple deaths!

    Our children are being murdered every day by you gun advocates! So what is this forum? A blatant sounding board for more guns?? Perhaps another riot at the Capital like "January 6" ???

    In Reply:

    " 'What is this forum?' "

    Obviously you haven't read the Threads / Posts on this forum which define exactly what the main theme of this forum is about!

    " 'A blatant sounding board for more guns??' "

    Nowhere on this forum has any Forum Staff Member advocated "more" guns; and that includes me, the admin!

    However, we have - and will continue to do so - point out the difference between "gun controls" and common sense.

    Advocating strict gun controls brought on and based on by sheer hysteria is not the answer!

    " 'Perhaps another riot at the Capital like "January 6" ???' "

    No Forum Staff Member has ever suggested or hinted in any way a need or desire for a riot - at the Capital or anywhere else!

    " 'We need strict gun controls to protect students, children ...............and yes, even people like you .......although I don't why :rolleyes:' "

    In reply to the first part of your sentence above:

    There are already very strict laws regarding the purchasing of guns.

    The news media and others (including Biden), have directly inferred or out-right stated that the shooter of the recent shooting,

    which left dead 6 people at a school, purchased the gun he used to kill staff and children. That is sheer non-sense.

    Someone purchased the gun for him, gave it to him, and perhaps even encouraged or brainwashed

    him to carry out that horrific crime.

    This isn't the first time manipulation of an individual has occurred for the purpose of "proving" to the general public at large

    that we need more gun control laws in the United States. View this Post.

    In reply to the second part of your sentence above:

    Most forum Administrators, if indeed not all, would have either censored or edited this particular part of your comment -

    and still others would have gone so far as to ban you from their forum!

    However, at Totally-Blazon Forum we are proud to say that we accept, tolerate, and in most cases, even encourage

    Forum Members to engage in "healthy and constructive" debate; because after-all, that is what a FORUM is supposed to be:

    a place to engage in exchange of ideas, thoughts, and opinions without being threatened or harassed!

    After the democrat buzzards indict, arrest, convict, and imprison Donald J Trump, they will go after his family!

    Next in line will be white people who voted for Donald J Trump!

    Of course any of the above will bring on a civil war in the U.S. - bet on it!

    Regarding your last sentence:

    This is a very real possibility ...which makes my comment HERE

    even that much more relevant!

    Biden and his "buddies" are really on a "roll" now that there has been yet another school shooting today!

    And every time there is another shooting the current administration in the WH is quick to bounce on this tired old statement:

    "let's get rid of the assault weapons".


    There are several reasons why the Biden Administration is pushing for more stringent and

    highly restrictive gun control regulations.

    However the primary reason is for the elimination of any possibility that some "outsider" -

    like Donald J Trump for example - can gain popularity with the general public and get elected

    President of the United States.

    Passing gun control regulations - and issuing gun controls by signing an Executive Order -

    has nothing what-so-ever to do with "protecting" the children, or anyone else!

    It does have everything to do with ensuring the citizens of the United States who disagree

    with Bidden, Harris, et al, can never again threaten to curtail - or actually over-turn -

    some of their more grievous and dangerous legislation!

    The Admin

    Yet more shooting using guns.

    This time it was in a Colorado High School.

    The person involved was a young (age 17) black male who was already on the "radar" of the authorities;

    and as of yesterday (March 23, 2023) his body was found.

    It's always a good thing when the killer - regardless of the type of means he/she used to kill someone - dies or is killed

    BEFORE the courts and attorneys have the opportunity to make "millions" of USD with all their plea bargaining, appeals,

    "time off for good behavior", etc., etc., has had a chance to take place!

    NOTE: TWO school employees were shot; one was released from the hospital.

    However the other individual is still confined to a hospital.

    When the Staff of Totally-Blazon Forum knows more about this, we will give an "update" here.

    The Admin

    The brutal and savage murder of Stephen N. Smith on July 8, 2015 was yet another real tragedy that occurs much more often

    in the United States than will ever be admitted!

    As of March 22, 2015 this case has been officially re-opened; but will it actually result in the capture, and prosecution,

    of the person/s who murdered Stephen?

    Sadly, many of the criminal cases involving this type of crime committed, e.g. killing of a young white gay male, are never solved;

    and even when they are, the punishment handed down by the "courts" against the savage beasts who committed the crime,

    is nearly always very "soft".

    To make matters worse, often these criminals come up for parole a few years later and are released back into society.

    Below are two links of Videos that are currently available for viewing on the internet regarding the re-opening the case of

    Stephen N. Smith

    NOTE: The links below will open in a new page.

    Stephen Smith’s Death Ruled a Homicide Just Weeks After Alex Murdaugh’s Conviction
    Sandy Smith's feeling that her son, Stephen, was murdered was validated after receiving a phone call from the chief of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Div...

    Stephen Smith’s death reopened as a homicide after renewed interest from Murdaugh trial
    The cold case of Stephen Smith was reignited by new interest amid Alex Murdaugh’s double murder trial. Alex’s son Buster was referenced several times in the ...

    The Admin

    AI - Artificial Intelligence - is fast becoming a reality of the future; and the "future" is already here!

    Recently there have been several news media releases of interviews with people in-the-know regarding A.I.

    Below the Staff of Totally-Blazon Forum has posted a few Video Links regarding this subject.

    Everyone reading this should take a few minutes to view at least one of these!

    Video Links

    From CNN

    AI expert reveals his 'single greatest fear' about the technology
    AI expert Dr. Gary Marcus joins CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield to discuss the dangers of artificial intelligence. #CNN #News

    From NBC

    10,464 views Mar 22, 2023 #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #Technology

    For many of us, the term artificial intelligence conjures up images of science fiction movies. But what is it really? As AI technology becomes a bigger part of our world, Lester Holt sits down with Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin, co-founders of the Center for

    Humane Technology, to talk about how it works.

    Artificial intelligence is rapidly developing, but how does it work? Experts explain.
    For many of us, the term artificial intelligence conjures up images of science fiction movies. But what is it really? As AI technology becomes a bigger part ...

    From ABC

    OpenAI CEO, CTO on risks and how AI will reshape society
    OpenAI CEO Sam Altman tells ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis that AI will reshape society and acknowledges the risks: “I think people should be happy that we are a l...

    From CNET

    Nvidia's GTC Event: Every AI Announcement Revealed in 11 Minutes
    Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announces the latest AI product innovations coming from the company at its biannual GTC event.Subscribe to CNET:

    The Admin

    ...and what happens with all the guns which were purchased before Biden's Executive Action"?

    Those guns will of course remain with the persons who originally purchased them;

    however some may end up in the hands of a "new" owner - who may or may not be a "nice guy"!

    It should be constantly borne in mind that the"goal" of those individuals who are pushing for more restrictions

    on gun purchases and ownershipis to make it nearly impossible for law-abiding individuals to own a gun.

    While those people who intentionally have, or take possession of a gun. by illegal means is for the sole purpose

    of doing "harm" to others!

    Or stated another way:

    The criminals of society will always have guns!

    Hey everyone! Guess what? You all can now breath easier (you are "safer" now) because President Biden signed an Executive Order this week,

    making it more difficult to buy and own a gun!

    The "executive order" also places emphasis on "Red Flag" alerts regarding gun purchases. Not every state has this law, however there will be more states to follow suit.

    NOTE: Red Flag alerts refers to informing the "authorities" that a particular person (could be someone living next door to you!)

    has purchased a gun.

    However, it isn't just the "authorities" who are made available this information; just about anyone has access to this information!

    The Admin

    Since the above post was uploaded there have been at least 5 additional "train derailments"

    in the United States - most of them involving Norfolk Southern Railway.

    However the latest derailment occurred in the state of Washington 2 days ago which involved a locomotive turning over,

    spilling oil near water. Residents feared the spill would contaminate the water. However they were assured by the "authorities"

    that everything was okay - no wildlife were endangered at any time! Right!

    Just a short time before the above incident occurred, there was a freight train derailment in Arizona.

    The train consist was carrying corn syrup!

    Yep! You read that correctly!

    The Staff of Totally-Blazon Forum will be uploading additional plugins for this forum.

    Plugins, in addition to Apps, are sometimes forgotten by forum members and visitors - that is until it is realized these "additions" are what sets a particular forum above and beyond

    the other forums "out there" in internet land!

    Later today we will adding two Plugins, both of which will benefit our Forum Members; and one in particular is "geared" towards the Forum Visitor!

    Let a forum Team Member know what YOU think of this latest addition to this forum! :)

    So YOU have just seen that latest commercial on one of the major television networks or cable TV, asking for support for someone or some group

    who appears to be beyond "suspect" - in other words, "legit". You just "know" that they can be trusted because they have been "endorsed" -

    by a recognizable authority source.

    Is it "safe" for you to subscribe at $19.00 a month to help these people or groups?

    If YOU are a person who usually blindly accepts that these pleas for "help" are justified, and/or true and valid,

    you had better go back to "finishing school"!

    The Admin

    Yes " 'Virginia' ", there was once upon-a-time in the United States when a person who was accused of committing a crime and subsequently found

    "not guilty" by a Jury, he or she was allowed to go back into society and "live happily ever after".

    But more often than not, having your "day" in court no longer (regardless of that "not guilty" verdict being handed down)

    means a person can breath easier!

    Certainly such was not the case for at least two men many of us know or knew:

    Robert Blake, born on September 18, 1933 - Died March 9, 2023.

    Although found not guilty of killing his wife, he was sued in civil court for every "dime" in had to his name; and subsequently died a slow death.

    Robert Wagner, born on February 10, 1930 - Currently still living

    Suspected and accused of killing his wife. Although the charges never led to a courtroom trial, the aura of suspicion has followed him to this day.

    Although many of us know of the above two actors, how many more individuals do we not know about who have, or will have, suffer from the same fate?

    Will YOU be next???

    The Admin

    On Thursday, March 9, 2023, a gunman shoot and killed 8 people, and wounded many others, at a Jehovah Witnesses Center in Hamburg, Germany.

    Now how can that have happened???

    When it comes to German gun laws and gun restrictions (far more restrictive than in the United States), it would appear that stripping people of a right to have guns didn't work out so well! Gee, how can that be?

    I mean, the news media, the "authorities", and the Democrats, and all the other anti-gun individuals have been telling us for several decades

    that if we pass strict gun laws which put limits on owning guns - or even the right to purchase a gun in the first place - it will dramatically

    reduce violence, shootings, and death which directly stems from people owning guns!


    The Admin

    Our Forum Logo which is currently displayed is only temporary! ;)

    Totally-Blazon Forum Staff is currently negotiating for a permanent logo to replace the banner logo now showing.

    The Admin

    Still hot on our "list":

    Pedestrian deaths are on the rise - Up 60 Percent in the United States within the last 10 years according to

    CBS News today (05March23).

    Toxic Spill in East Palestine, Ohio - People are continuing to get sick; and now even the "responders"

    are reporting health problems!

    No surprise with either of those mentioned above!

    The Admin of this forum has stated from the get-go that pedestrian deaths are a very serious, on-going situation in the United States.

    The news media reporting this issue today cited several reasons for the increase of deaths regarding people walking across a street

    although within a designated cross walk.

    However, not one of those reasons given had to do with placing even part of the blame for this despicable situation

    on the total lack of police patrols and stack-outs on busy street intersections - in most cities.

    As for the freight train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio:

    Once again, the Forum Administration was correct right from the beginning of this disaster when we stated

    that the EPA (and other "authorities") were far too quick to say:

    " 'it is safe to go back to your homes' ".

    Common sense (as well as remembering how past disasters were handled by those persons in authority)

    told us we would be proven correct !

    The Admin