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    As of 30March2023, Donald J Trump has been indicted as predicted. This indictment originates from New York.

    However there is yet to be another indictment - which will probably occur soon.

    But the indictment in itself doesn't tell us when Donald J Trump will actually be formally charged with a crime,

    and subsequently prosecuted. Legally it can take as long as 180 days once a formal decision has been handed down to prosecute.

    As a footnote here, it is a fact that multi billionaire George Soros -

    who has a long history of supporting causes which are aimed against Republicans and their legislative efforts -

    has financially supported the current indictment case against Donald J Trump.

    In many parts of the country (USA) it has been a winter of extremes, especially in Western United States. And it isn't over yet.

    But it doesn't stop with a COLD Winter - this Summer will surpass weather-keeping records of 2022! In a word: HOT


    A decision on whether or not to issue an indictment of criminal charges against Donald J Trump

    will be decided today (March 23, 2023).

    It may or may not be stated so on media news, but the decision itself will be made *by 23 March 2023.

    *[Edited by Astro-Gazer]:

    According to reports on the major news networks, the Grand Jury will not convene this week -

    so no decision will be handed down on the indictment against Donald J Trump

    until at least Monday, 27March2023.

    The reporter went on to say that members of the Grand Jury delayed their decision

    " ' ... probably because they want to obtain as much information as possible before

    handing down a decision on the indictment of Donald J Trump.' "

    COMMENT From Astro-Gazer:

    The Grand Jury already knows what their decision is regarding whether to indict or not!

    This a delaying tactic - of which we the public may never truly know why.

    At 2:43 PM EDT the Planet Pluto enters Aquarius; and at the same time the Moon enters the sign of Taurus.

    Thus the Moon is exactly Square Pluto when this aspect occurs in Fixed Signs; denoting a condition or set of circumstances that is unavoidable.

    Pluto hasn't been in the Sign of Aquarius for many years, so this is strongly indicative of major changes taking place world-wide;

    these changes will not happen all at once, but they will take place and they will be permanent.

    True, Pluto - by apparent "retrograde" movement - will once again go back into the Sign of Capricorn on June 10, 2023.

    However, in early 2024 Pluto will move once again into Aquarius.

    The fact that this takes place in the year 2024 when the U.S. Presidential Election occurs in November 2024 is no coincidence!

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    So you think Donald J Trump will be re-elected U.S. President in November 2024?

    In viewing his Natal Chart, and his Progressed Chart, one has to be very optimistic to believe such an event is possible!

    The 12th House represents secret enemies, self-undoing, and incarceration - to name just a few.

    In all the charts that I have cast and analyzed in my lifetime, I have never seen a more "pronounced" 12th House configuration than that of Donald J Trump!

    By "pronounced", I am referring to the fact that the majority of his planets are presently in his 12th House;

    and it has been that way from just prior to his election success in November 2016 to the present time.

    And the aspects made from and to those planets in his 12th house are mostly malefic in nature.

    If he does get elected once again (and it is a very big "if"), it will not go down in history as being a "success" - for anyone.

    But there is also the possibility he will not even be "around" by the time the election takes place in November 2024.

    Either way, "dark clouds" are surrounding and following Donald J Trump no matter where he is or what he does!