Registering as a Foum Member

Is there anything I should know or do BEFORE Registering as a Forum Member

We suggest you prepare yourself in advance with what you want for the following: ;)

User Name


Email Address

Birth Year and Date

Please Note: It is essential that YOU submit a VALID Email Address when Registering as you will asked to log into your Email Account and click on a verification link! You must verify your Email Address in order to become a Registered Forum Member!

Forum Membership Groups

Are there optional Membership Groups

Visitors who register with Totally-Blazon.com Forum may request they be placed in one of our VIP Groups.

The Forum Admin or Moderator will decide to grant or deny your request. Note: Most requests are granted!

Forum Help or Questions

If I need assistance or have a question, will there be someone to help me right away

The Forum Staff at Totally-Blazon Forum prides itself in being one of the few forums whereby Visitors or Members who have questions or need help will receive a reply within 12 hours or less.

Age Requirements

Can I join Totally-Blazon Forum if I am under 18 years of age

Yes; but there are limits.

Generally this forum is open to anyone provided they are at least 14 years of age.

IF you are under 14 years of age, you must have a parent or legal guardian contact us and request on your behalf that you be allowed to join Totally-Blazon Forum.

Additionally, the Admin or Mod of this forum may restrict persons 12 through 17 years of age

from taking part in some of the forum's activities.

Forum Rules

Can I upload photos to Totally-Blazon Forum

Of course! You can upload your photos to "Gallery".

Please do not upload any photos which suggest or depict sexual activity!

Anyone who uploads photos which suggest or imply sexual activity will have their photos deleted - first offense. If you violate this forum rule again (second offense) you will be

permanently banned from Totally-Blazon Forum!

Voting in the Forum Polls

Can Forum Visitors VOTE in the Forum Polls

Guests or Visitors (non-registered forum members) are not able to vote in Forum Polls.

If voting in Polls is "your thing", the Forum Staff suggests YOU REGISTER AS A FORUM MEMBER! ;)

However as a Guest or Visitor YOU can view any poll that is available. :)